a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

a conventionally pretty woman got on the subway train i ride this morning. she had long curly highlighted hair and she was wearing thin, light colored pants, one of those jackets that's smooth on the outside, but fuzzy on the inside with bits sticking out, and high heeled boots. i, on the other hand, was dressed in a business suit & a sweater, sneakers, with a big thick fuzzy coat & floppy, goofy looking but warm hat and a scarf. it was damn cold today, and yesterday too.

when she got on the train, i thought to myself "well, at least i'm more interesting".

now... as soon as the words echoed in my head, i was appalled at myself. am i really so sucked into mainstream culture as to have such a typically catty attitude? i normally don't fall prey to such nonsense.

to be fair, i don't feel well today, and haven't for a week or so, my energy is focused more on my physical well-being (or lack thereof) than the purity and enlightenedness of my thoughts, but still. it was a sour grapes, snotty, knee-jerk response, and unworthy. this stranger on the train may well be my intellectual equal or better, she may be a fascinating individual. i have no way of knowing.

i'd still bet i'm warmer.
Tags: cultcha, daily life, eye-openers, health/medical, weather, women
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