a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

fall down, go boom!

Being the graceful soul that I am, I managed to fall down 2-3 stairs on Thursday. Yeah, I'm okay. Twisted ankle and knee fairly badly, and realized yesterday morning that I also wrenched my shoulder quite thoroughly. Have been staying on the couch playing Animal Crossing mostly.

Oh, Animal Crossing? Yeah, I got the Gamecube and Animal Crossing as a winter holiday gift...and have not only been obsessed myself ever since, but have drawn in both housemates (steanne and gregortroll) to the insidious cuteness.

The game-playing (along with computer issues) has compounded a trend in me that started a few weeks earlier, namely ultra-hibernation. I've got emails from 2 months (and more) ago that I've not responded to, phone messages the same...and have been obviously lacking the motivation to update here very often. I haven't even been reading my friends list...not even the abbreviated versions that I've set up for myself. Friends, from those I barely know to those I know and love dearly: I'm sorry I'm not keeping up right now. I'm hoping to be a much better friend in the spring.

On the plus side, I managed to write a small bit of fanfic one night while watching steanne play AC. I figure it's not bad for a first try (and first draft, procrastinator that I am), but I think I'll rework it in the next few weeks...and add a next installment, possibly, as well. It was fun.

Work on my room is coming along, including a ramp from the loft to the floor for my old, arthritic cat. He's used to sleeping with me, so I won't be fully moved in (sleeping in here) until he can do that comfortably. 'cause I love the cantankerous old critter.

The younger one has been eyeing the loft above us for days (the couch is underneath), trying to figure out if it's worth climbing up there (the mattress isn't actually up there yet, so it's mostly the support poles and assorted stuff I've tossed up there to get out of my way). He'll settle into it just fine.
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