a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

The Truth IS Out There

The truth is, I really only watch one TV show. The different segments just have different names, is all.

What brings this on? I just finished watching the X-Files final episode. Yes, finally. I've always said I'm a bit slow.

But guess what I realized??? All these years I've been watching the X-files...and all the time (well, the last couple of years, anyway) there(image #22 on the aforelinked X-files site) was Jayne, right in front of me! He really IS a sneaky supersoldier who can't be killed, ya see. It makes perfect sense. I wonder if Mal knows? Well, he's gotta be something sneaky himself, coming all the way from humble repairman from Boston to Serenity's captain. And I wonder if Hel is in Zoe's past, or her future?

And Spike, of course, on the Andromeda. I wonder how the Nietzscheans would react to his being a vampire, anyway, if they found about him? The good news is that now we know that whatever happens with the Hellmouth this season, Spike makes it through to at least hundreds of years into the future.

edit: How could I forget the whole Dark Angel connection: After Max kicks his butt in Seattle, Ames White reprises his rottenness in Smallville, and fearless rebel Asha becomes The Huntress. Maybe that was when she was on summer break or something, before her mom died and she learned of her powers.

Clearly evil never dies, no mattter how many times you kill it, or Cigarette-Smoking Man wouldn't have been around to torture Trance. edit: or become the Mayor of Smallville)And what about Teal'c and Daniel Jackson? I think it's no coincidence that they both think they're machines in Andromeda-land. Can't wait to see the SG-1 episode that explains that! Oh, wait...I've already seen it, nevermind.

It's a little disturbing the way it all starts to make sense...
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