a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

A fabulous weekend! (Saturday)

Saturday I woke up around noon, wandered downstairs with gregortroll to ponder breakfast. I was to breakfast alone, however, as Gregor had plans with ratphooey to hit Sam's Club; while I had later afternoon plans with coryw1014, chestertodd and epilady. My other housemate,steanne, wasn't yet stirring.

So I sent my darling out into the day with some hot sweet potatoes (enough to share), then wandered back into the kitchen to plan my attack on breakfast. I started with the half cup of tea Gregor had absently left on top of the fridge...followed by a glass of cold crisp tomato juice. Cooked some chicken and had some of that (all lemon-peppery & garlicky yum), a scrambled egg, and an english muffin toasted with butter and cranberry sauce (which I love, anytime of year), along with more hot tea with honey & cream. And sliced fresh yellow squash. And more tomato juice. And water. It was a perfectly delicious and simple meal after the decadence of the night before.

Sometime after breakfast, while I was washing up some dishes, I got the call for afternoon plans. Since I had plenty of time before they came to pick me up, I took a nice long, hot bath. After getting out & getting dressed, I puttered around the house & front porch, doing some random cleanup stuff. The gang showed up, and I brought them all in to look at my new digs (well...new to them!) and to meet the assorted critters.

Then off we went, through the insane holiday-shopper traffic, and into Longwood Gardens where we braved insane holiday-gawker crowds for food and fabulous views.

It was so worth it. Longwood Gardens, originally built by the duPont family, boasts over 3,000 orchids, a stunning bonzai display, and over 1000 acres of gardens (both indoor and out). There are beautiful fountains, pretty lights for the holidays and assorted performing arts. We had a lovely meal in their cafeteria (the Terrace Restaurant was booked for the night), and wandered through what seemed to be miles of the Conservatory (housing an entire jungle of orchids, acres of poinsettias and a children's topiary garden, among other wonders). Outside we ooohed and ahhhed over the lights, the fountain displays and the cold!

Since K & M had to catch a train back to the city, we kept the visit fairly brief (and honestly, I think it would take weeks worth of all-day visits to see all the wonders there). C & I saw them off to Amtrak, then I dragged him back to my house for hot chocolate (as if anyone sensible needs to be dragged anywhere for homemade cocoa - NOT)! Then C headed home, and I and my housemates discussed the days events for awhile before wandering off to bed ourselves.
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