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A fabulous weekend! (Thursday-Friday)

What an amazing weekend I have had!

I think it all started Thursday, when it snowed for the first time this year! I guess the Philly area ended up with around 10 inches by the time it stopped.

steanne and I slogged around in it for hours Thursday afternoon/evening, running errands. Being the amazingly graceful individual that I am, I fell several times and am still bruised. Yark. But I had a blast! I really should move to either Canada or Iceland.

Friday came, and the emails were flying furiously from my poor overworked little laptop; my pals epilady and chestertodd were coming down for a visit(!!!); plans had to be made solid. Their pal coryw1014 invited us for dinner at Morimoto Friday night; I was also hoping to catch Real Women Have Curves with gregortroll, ratphooey and her husband.

Fortunately, the lovelies were coming to Philly on a train that got them here shortly after 9pm, the movie was at 7:20 and the theater was near to Morimoto, and our dinner reservations were at 10:15.

It worked beautifully. I met ratphooey and hubby at the theater (making my first ever all-by-myself trolley/subway transfer process in Philly...no, I really don't get out much) just before the previews started; gregortroll popped in just a few minutes into the movie itself.

After the movie, we decided to go find some liquids while waiting for the out-of-towners (as an aside, ratphooey, her hubby, myself, gregortroll and epilady all went to the same college, albeit at different times, so a mini-reunion was in order). We ended up at a divey little place called the Las Vegas Lounge, which is nearly across the street from Morimoto. The four of us settled in with drinks to await the arrival of epilady, chestertodd and coryw1014.

They joined us quickly; amid greetings, hugs and beer spillage the gang of us enjoyed 45 minutes or so of catching up, getting-to-know-you (for those not previously acquainted), a mediocre (if sincere) guitarist/vocalist doing cover music from all over the map and perfectly acceptable (cheap!) drink specials.

epilady, chestertodd and coryw1014 and I walked over to Morimoto about 5 minutes before our reservation time. For a change in my life, all timing went perfectly smoothly!

We arrived at Morimoto as they were preparing our table, checked our coats and got seated. The decor is lovely...large booths with greenish-clear glass tabletops are separated by frosted-glass looking short walls. The walls are lighted from within, and the color of the lights cycle/change throughout the evening. The dining area is one big room done sort of cafeteria-style in layout and there's a private party room high above overlooking it like a projection booth in a theater. Very, very pretty, overall.

I'm sure that epilady will have a much more detailed description of our meal (and I'll link it as soon as she puts it up), but here's mine:

We all ordered cocktails. I had a delicious creation called a "kabuki", which was orangey and vanilla-y...much like an orange julius. 'Twas delicious and refreshing. epilady got a "greenteani" which was some sort of alcohol (I'm sure she remembers, I do not) in a green tea syrup. The edge of the glass was coated in finely crushed sugar. Much more dramatic than what I got...but I liked mine better. :) coryw1014 and chestertodd both got something I think was called a "sakura"...it looked and tasted very much like the cosmopolitans I had been drinking at the Las Vegas Lounge. All yummy, but I think mine was the best.

After that start, we ordered the chilled junmai ginjo morimoto (sake) and stuck with that and water throughout the meal. It was a lovely accompaniment to all the food, and a sip of it after a pile of pickled ginger actually tasted sweet! Yum.

On to the food orders. epilady ordered her meal omakase (chef's choice/tasting menu). I ordered the NY Strip (yes, I ordered steak at Morimoto. I'm seafood impaired, leave me alone), coryw1014 ordered teriaki chicken and chestertodd chose 8-spice lobster. To share, we got the morimoto tempura, which was a selection of various things tempura-style with a gorgonzola cheese sauce.

The short version is: everything was utterly delectable.

Our waiter described each dish at light speed. We all tasted & nibbled liberally from each other's plates (which is, of course, the best way to eat a meal), and had a generally fabulous time. I remember that epilady's meal began with yellowtail tartare, had a dish somewhere in the middle with flukes cooked by pouring an incredibly tasty hot oil over them, and included the most phenomenal sorbet (yuzu-wasabi) I have ever tasted in my life as a palate-cleansing course (and the highlight of the meal, for me). There was also a board with several types of sushi, and a salad-y thing with flakes of smoked fish in it. All very tasty, and presented beautifully...each with chef's suggestions for the best way to enjoy!

But what about dessert? Ooooh, dessert! The omakase meal had chocolate fig cake with 5 spice ice cream (yum!), Chester & Cory shared the chocolate temple (indescribably chocolaty), and I ordered the 5-desserts-in-1 coconut wave (in which coconut actually figures very little). It's a plate that on one side holds a crispy coconut...thingy...on which is a scoop of chocolate mousse and a drizzle of fudgey sauce. On the other side is a pastry cup thingy containing cream, key lime and wasabi. The cup is surrounded by artful dabs of delicious raspberry sauce. Utterly, completely amazing, and epilady got pictures. is my humble version.

The evening was a fabulous taste sensation, that I happily spent with some of my favorite people (both old and new).
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