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Speaking of nightmares...(warning: graphic content)

I woke today from a horror-show of a nightmare.

In it, I was traveling (on a sort of a train) with two teams of young people, mostly young men. The two groups had been playing harmless pranks on one another throughout the trip, with increasing intensity. The group that I was nominally with was coming back from dinner, when we found the bathroom in our area had been completely trashed. The toilets were piled with shit, and it was splattered across the walls and floor. Before we had completely taken in the scene, I walked down to the other end of the corridor where the other team was staying, and knocked on the door. The door opened very cautiously, and one of the guys peeked out at me. When he realized who it was, he sagged against the door in relief.

In that curious way that dreams have, or at least memories of dreams, I know that I learned from him that his group had not done the deed, that their bathroom had suffered the same thing, and that he was afraid of unwarranted retribution. As if on cue, the door pounded (I was inside the room at this point, talking with them). I opened the door and stood in the doorway, and the ringleader of 'my' team told me to move aside. He was clearly in a rage. I told him no, and that there were extenuating circumstances happening, and that he needed to go cool down.

He stomped away, obviously not wanting to hear what I or anyone had to say. I decided that I would stay there in the room overnight, in case he came back. Some of the 'rival' group were sleeping in the room, others outside (despite the fact that we were on a train...it's a dream thing, ya know?) in shelters to keep them from the extreme cold.

Morning came, with seemingly no incident...until we went outside to rouse the rest of the group. The camp was a horrible scene. The special shelters that kept the guys from the cold had been ripped away, removed. They had frozen to death, but they looked like they'd been cooked. I could see someone's thigh sticking out from under a blanket, it was swollen & had a gash to the bone. The rest of the scene was equally gruesome.

It was clear that this was done by the 'pranksters' on 'my' team. Seeing the horror, I sank to my knees screaming. It kept running through my head that these guys had frozen to death, and that I had used the phrase "need to cool off", and that this was probably done as some sick response to my comment. Still screaming, I woke up (and was very thankful that sleep causes partial paralysis, as I only gurgled a bit, rather than screaming full volume).

I guess I should have expected icky dreams, since I'm in the process of stirring up some very traumatic stuff mentally/emotionally.
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