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i met darrell keyhill sometime in my first year of high school. i don't remember anymore how we met, or where exactly, but we hit it off immediately. it could have been puppy love, except that it wasn't. we just really got along & had lots of fun hanging out together. we shared billy idol, siouxie and the banshees, duran duran and the czechoslavakian philharmonic. we exchanged gifts of the i ching and shakespearean tragedies. we two were the closest thing lee's summit had to punk rockers, with our earrings (one each, as i recall) and our weird (read not-classic rock & not-country) music and our strange senses of humor.

i lost track of darrell when i went away to a boarding school...telephone bills were too high, i was too much the busy teenager living life to actually keep up with writing letters, and email was still a geeks-only sort of thing.

i miss darrell. for years i've tried various (unsuccessful) ways of getting in touch with him again, but to no avail. just now, i posted a note on an alumni board in the hopes that he or someone who can put me in touch with him will respond. i'll keep my fingers crossed.
Tags: friends, music, n things about me
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