a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Gastric adventures

Wow, what a foody weekend!

Friday afternoon, I met up with akmetrit and the Core Resources East group from my old job for a fabulous lunch at a wonderful Sichuan restaurant (I don't recall the name but will try to find out & update later). Lunch was positively magnificent...lots of dishes I didn't recognize, but all delicious. I even tried some seafoody things, on the urging of my pals. It was a success, in that I did NOT gag anything up...but the fact remains, I really, really dislike seafood. Ah well. We all have our flaws.

Conversation was as wonderful as the food. The five us talked about space exploration, configuration issues, work gossip, cultural food stuff, science fiction, the ocean, archaelogy and routers. We went across the way to a Ben & Jerry's for dessert, and then back to work (where I 'helped' remove some extremely obsolete equipment. And by helping I mean I mostly helped figure out how things were attached so we could get them out; I let them do all the actual hauling & toting)...the whole experience was a delight. I may well help out with a major upgrade next week...as a volunteer, of course.

Yesterday, I met up with epilady and chestertodd as well as their friend Jason for some wonderful food revelry. epilady's journal details it all much better than I could (with pictures, no less!) so go check it out if you're curious.

Those are two amazing chicas, I tells ya, and our time hanging out was long overdue. I hope for many reprises and much more food adventuring with them. And hey! I have, for the first time, an actual favorite wine, thanks to our exploring! It's a red blend, Domaine Pelaquie Laudun. Ours was a 1999 bottle, and it was amazing.

And Cult of Swingle: oh yeah. A miniature version keylime pie, covered in dark chocolate, impaled on a popsicle stick and frozen. An Olympian delight.

Man, but food is the best stuff!
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