a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Stalking the Wily Coelacanth

Part of my addiction to Animal Crossing is the fishing. It's fun to fish via videogame...especially with the nifty vibrating controller dealie. Actually very much like the real thing.

When I opened my door in Sunville tonight, it was raining. Most of the animals were asleep or rapidly on their way there. As anyone who fishes knows, rain either causes wildly good or terrible luck fishing, and it is apparently the same in Animal Crossing. Down to the ocean I trotted.

A few fish in, I saw lurking in the water a HUGE fish (yes, the game does show fish lurking - it's how you know to cast your pole - and they are sized relatively). "What the hell is that?" quoth I. Hey, it's just me and the pooch here, I can talk to the videogame if I feel like it!

I cast. The fish bit. I reeled it in. Lo and behold, a coelacanth (they only come out when it rains)!

I spent the next hour trying to hook another. I raced frantically back and forth along the beach, searching. I saw two more...but they stole the bait & ran. Each time, I could feel my heart racing with the excitement. The pain of defeat. Finally, on what was to be my last round of the beach, looking, I spotted another one.

I got it. Now I can rest.

I just hope it's still raining in Sunville in the morning.
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