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Migraine News


"Some 28 million Americans suffer from migraines, an intense, pulsing headache that can last hours, even days. There are a number of drugs sold to prevent migraines, but they don't work for everyone, so scientists are seeking new medications.

In recent years that search has included epilepsy drugs -- after scientists discovered that migraines are not caused by the abnormal blood vessels once blamed but by a unique electrical disorder of brain cells."

The article also boasts that the proposed drug, topiramate, causes weight loss...and that most people in the study were overweight. Just as an FYI, it makes perfect sense that migraine sufferers be overweight...as both sleeping a lot and carbohydrate cravings are often a part of the migraine health issue. Why? Because they both affect the seratonin level in the brain; and seratonin levels are also very closely related to both epilepsy and migraine.

What a wonderful thing, if it works. Almost makes me want to go get a job...so that I can get insurance...so that I can go to a neurologist & try it out.

Ah well. I guess it can wait until after my self-generated sabbatical. :)

(thanks, Lionel! :)
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