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Soon, sweet sleep

A fabulous couple of days have been had. Yesterday, me & some pals went to this orchard...ostensibly to pick, but eventually to simply buy LOTS of apples. I am the proud owner of a whole bushel of Cortland apples. Mmmm...say it with me everyone...mmmmm, Cortland apples. Over the next few days, they're to be made into pies, sauce, butter...and uh...apples for later use.

That began today, with the creation of two beautiful pies. Of course, I got a late start this morning, because this stuff apparently makes Banzai hyperactive. Or rather, hyperactive for a 16 year old lump o'cat, anyway. I had a very restless beast pacing the bed and room, mrrrping the whole time, until around 5:30am...when finally I gave him the correct amount of Benadryl to settle him down (and pissed him off enough that he hid under the bed for the rest of the night) and we both went to sleep till around noon. Aurgh.

I believe the vet prescribed that particular drug as an antinausea thing because of the Baytril (which he's on to battle the pancreatitis), which is fairly notorious for giving the queasies. Today, however, I skipped his morning dose and all seemed well...so I skipped the evening dose as well. He seems fine so far. Normal appetite and no puking, yay!

His energy has been a bit low today (as has my own, small surprise)...whether from the lack of rest last night, or the effects of the Baytril, or the pancreatitis itself is unknown...but he seems in fine spirits. I just hope he's ready to sleep tonight. :)

Dinner tonight was a wonderful experience with great friends...and was accompanied by Beringer's White Merlot, which was surprisingly pleasant & tasty. Chilled, even. Yum. Many, many pies were had for dessert.
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