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What a Difference a Day (without a migraine) Makes

I cannot believe how much better I feel today than I have all week. Apparently, I was dealing with a 'sleeper' migraine...that was affecting my mood & physical energy level even though my head wasn't hurting on Wednesday. Yesterday I spent the entire day trying to get rid of the steady, persistant railroad spike in my head. Finally, about 5pm, it went away.

Last night I was weak, and dizzy, and still feeling crappy...this morning slightly less so...and now I feel almost normal again!

Pain has left giant gaps in my journaling this week, so I'll try to catch up now.

Wednesday I took my two kitties to the vet. Banzai (who is 16ish) and JeeBee (who is about a year old) both behaved wonderfully. Such good boys, they are...JeeBee now has some eyedrops and amoxycillan to battle me over administering, while Banzai has antifungal/antibiotic drops for his scrungy toenail. If that doesn't work to clear it up (it being the funguslike growth on his toenail that appears to be eating the toenail away, slowly - ewwww), the vet may recommend amputating that claw. If that happens, he'll get some dental work while he's under too...but I will have to very carefully weigh whether or not I want him to have any surgery that requires anasthetic.

Dr. McKinstry (the vet) called this morning to let me know some results of Banzai's blood & urine screening...it appears that he's on the very verge of having kidney problems; she recommends a low protein diet and lots of liquids... but no meds for it at this time. It's only a very very mild concern. Also, it appears that he has pancreatitis. I'll be heading over to the office tomorrow to pick up an antibiotic and a motility drug for him(I'm guessing that the latter is to increase his stomach/intestinal digestion efficiency, so that the pancreas is not overly taxed while it's healing). Meanwhile, I'll be brewing up an herbal concoction for liver & pancreas support to help out as well.

I missed the wireless security seminar I intended to go to on Tuesday (you guessed it, 'cause I had a migraine...also cause I woke up late - the combo just made me go back to bed). akmetrit assures me that while it was worthwhile, it wasn't a stellar learning experience, so I am somewhat relieved.

The ceiling of my room is now painted, and all the walls are cut in properly...completion now awaits the rolling of the walls, the cutting in & rolling of the floor, and application of trim color. I'm very excited about it. The walls and ceiling will be a very pale mint-ice-cream variety of green (brighter than standard white, actually...it's peculiar), the floor will be a very dark grey-green (most people who see it say it just looks like black, but I see the difference) and the trim is a gorgeous shade of garnet. Still, it probably won't be done until next week. gregortroll, who is the primary paint-experienced person in the household, will be off to the Wrightstown Rennaissance Faire this weekend (which includes such wondrous events as the Wrightstown Persian Pickle Club quilt giveaway). This means that the room probably won't get worked on, as I'm a big wimp about working on it myself. I'm afraid I'll do it wrong & ruin the whole thing. I'm feeling very silly & girly about it too. Feh.

What I will do this weekend is some basic house maintenance (read: cleaning), and catch up on some paperwork stuff. Perhaps even head out to an apple orchard somewhere, to get lots & lots of apples. Yes, I am an apple fiend. I envision tubs of apple butter, applesauce and applecakes & pies by the dozen (okay, maybe that's a bit ambitious). Which reminds me that I need to look into some sort of shelving for the basement...cause if I'm gonna have lots of apples, I'll want to can & store them...and the basement seems the obvious place.
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