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more notes on my recent travel

so, the day of my travel, last wednesday, i had only about 5 hours of sleep. i woke groggy, and a little migrainey (by migrainey, i mean that i was symptomatic, but not in pain...yet).

but i got to the airport okay, and by the time the headache started to kick in, i was in the kind hands of a wonderful american airlines employee (whose name i did not, unfortunately, have the cognitive ability to get) who got me checked in and my boarding pass issued. either she's just always wonderful to people, or i looked especially pale & pathetic...but either way, i was incredibly grateful for her assistance.

and imitrex, when it works (about 60% of the time, for me), is WONDERFUL stuff. fortunately, this was one of the times it worked. i left the ticket counter (i still had an hour + before my plane), walked over to the wendy's in the airport, got some food. sat down, took the nasal spray, and then slowly ate. by the end of the meal, i felt much better, if a little drowsy. drowsy, by the way, is an excellent way for me to feel when i'm about to fly. if i can sleep through the takeoff, so much the better.

so, some things i noticed about airport security on my recent journey:
1- all the other airports that i visited were more paranoid than laguardia. at laguardia, i just had to show my id.

2- for some reason, the austin airport is concerned with water bottles. i had to take mine out & show that they hadn't been opened before i was allowed to take them through the checkpoint. are liquid explosives a concern, i wonder?

3- window shades on the planes are now an issue. open windowshades have been added to the list of pre takeoff & pre landing requirements, right there with locked tray tables & seat backs. to my understanding, it's so that the ground crew can see if there are any fires or other weirdness happening on the plane. makes sense, really, but is kinda hellish for those of us who don't like seeing the ground from that high up.

ah well. so much for traveling. not my favorite thing, obviously. i wish trains were faster, i'd ride them everywhere. the only reason i even bother to fly is because it saves SO much time. why don't we have bullet trains here, i wonder?
Tags: health/medical, migraine log, travel
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