a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

music - boston debut album

this album is one i remember from my early teen (or possibly pre-teen) years. it was released in 1976 originally, but has since been re-released because it continues to be very popular.

my most intense & specific memory of this album is from an evening that my older brother took me to the jackson county fair, in missouri where we lived. we wandered around the fair together for awhile, then i decided i wanted to ride the flying swings. despite my fear of heights, i loved it. i talked my brother into leaving me there with a pile of tickets.

it went up high enough to clear the tops of the small trees in the area, and took me out of the people-noise of the fair. into the stars. the guy operating the ride had an excellent stereo system set up at the base of the swings, and it seemed to me that the music itself was lifting me up. it was exhilarating, peaceful, euphoric...and the feeling always comes back to me when i hear the music from that album, particularly 'foreplay' and 'long time'. there's nothing quite like that spacey, peaceful, steve millerish opening, followed by the crunchy, powerful bass kicking in like a generator.

yes, i'm a true child of the 70s.
Tags: family, music, n things about me
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