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Finding My Feet in New Space

Finally, all the drama of moving and taking a major trip immediately thereafter are settling down. I'm recuperating from the trip, and the jet lag, and trying to decide how next to proceed.

First order of business is to finish the repairs and paintjob on my room-to-be, so that I can actually live in it. Currently I'm nomading about the house, taking up bits & pieces of gregortroll's & steanne's spaces (which both of them are wonderfully good-natured about)and living very ineffectively out of boxes. It's frustrating and depressing, at best...and has seemingly caused a roadblock in my ability to write. This weekend, then, is set for painting & the loft rebuild, and I'm feeling very hopeful about it (which may be why I'm able to write this at all). Next week (depending on the budget analysis that'll happen tonight) will be for finishing touches like blinds, drapes, a desk...the details that will enable be to feel more completely at home.

I love this big old house, and have since my first visit here, but some of it is remarkably poorly designed in terms of practical use. I don't know about the history of this sort of house; I'm not sure if the two dwellings were always two, or it was one big house & got duplexed somewhere far back in it's history (I suspect the former). In any case, I know that the current owner of this half has many plans for renovation to make it more efficient (which plans wait, like so much else, on funding).

Meanwhile, I've moved another household's worth of stuff into the space, and we're trying to settle it in as gracefully as possible. We're all doing the 'make-do' dance; using tools and options that are cheap and/or onhand and/or easy, rather than major revamps that cost too much money and take too much time.

Though I've been feeling nearly-drowned by all the mess the last couple of days, I have somehow managed to continue making progress (albeit in very small measure) instead of being entirely paralyzed by the project. I cleared a small space in Gregor's living room area so that having my beast in there wasn't so hazardous, stored all of the beast's components (food dish, litter box etc) out of the way of trippable human feet; I procured a grocery delivery from a new system (which has some bugs to be worked out still, but will be, I think, a Good Thing™ eventually). I've done some cooking which will make life much easier at mealtimes, and I've washed a bunch of dishes. Also a cat. Speaking of cats, have made a vet appt for booster shots for the new one, and hopefully some sort of arthritis management for the old one. Have been supervising the old one's introduction into the household (which includes 4 other cats, including my new one).

Philadelphia seems so much more country-accessible than did NYC; I'm hoping to put together a trip to buy apples in bulk sometime in the coming weeks. Anyone in the Philly area who is either interested in joining in, or has recommendations for places to go, please let me know. I'm thinking of buying 40-60 lbs of apples, and spending a weekend processing them into canned applesauce, apple butter, and just plain sliced apples for later use. Probably make use of dehydration as well, and some freezing (though freezer space is limited). And of course, harvest apple-cake and pies! C'mon, join in, you know it'll be a blast, and economical too! :) Need also to clear a space in the back yard for the growing of pumpkins, so that they can be processed much the same way in a few months. I have the feeling that we'll have a fairly late growing season this year.

Have not yet unpacked from ConJosé. Need to work on that and laundry today...but I also need to make my dressers accessible so I'll have someplace to put said laundry. Next week will see the beginning of my search for dance studios, and hopefully even a class or two. I need to make a trip up to NYC to visit w/jincman and akmetrit, hopefully also next week (was supposed to do so last week, but ran out of time between moving and catching a plane). Most of all, I need to start working on my writing, which is supposed to be a huge part of the point of this move and joblessness.

Good news is: I'm writing! Look! :) Hopefully will start to transcribe notes on the move and trip later this afternoon. For now, am off to grab a bath & then start laundryish stuff.
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