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History Channel - WTC

The World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon
(In this 2-hour profile, we look at how the WTC was constructed and talk to representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers, New York's Office of Emergency Management, FEMA, and DNA experts about the aftermath. )
9/3 - 1:00AM
9/8 - 2:00PM
9/11- 2:00PM, 9:00PM
9/12- 1:00AM

The Day the Towers Fell
(A riveting special that reveals the never-before-told stories of eyewitnesses, including amateur and professional photographers, caught in the horror of the World Trade Center tragedy.)
9/3 - 9:00PM
9/4 - 1:00AM
9/11- 8:00PM
9/12- 12:00AM

Relics From the Rubble
(An intimate account of how a group of dedicated New Yorkers meticulously searched through the rubble and saved relics that will help define this day for future generations.)
9/3 - 10:00PM
9/4 - 2:00AM
9/8 - 11:00AM
9/11- 6:00PM, 11:00PM
9/12- 3:00AM

First Response
(Relive the stories of amazing courage and dedication as New York City first responded to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. )
9/11- 11:00AM, 7:00PM

There are also a number of programs about the war on terror, Afghanistan and other political stuff related to the events. Details here. Many of the above programs are available for purchase on video.

PBS is also doing a month-long spotlight on the events of a year ago. Details here.
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