a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Wireless Access

Wow. Wireless Access is such a completely nifty thing! Thank you, akmetrit, again, for the gift of the wireless card! I would have used it more this weekend, except that my hotel didn't have wireless access, and because my laptop was purchased more as a home system than a portable one (it's heavy), I didn't often make it up to the internet lounge in the main hotel. Hopefully I can get some sort of tablet pc before my next convention. :)

Speaking of conventions, my next aim is Torcon (unless I find that PhilCon has some particularly interesting programming). Though I tend not to participate in the parties and whatnot that seem to be such a mainstay of these conventions (what can I say, I'm just not the partying sort. something about being anti-social, I believe), I've very much enjoyed the panels & programs I've seen in the two WorldCons I've been to.

For now, I'm hanging out in the San José airport, catching up on email (sort of) and waiting for my plane to board. More updates on the Con later in the week...I took lots of notes.
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