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The Move

Holy Jeebobus. I. Hurt. My calves are extolling the virtues of secession. Seriously. They're all scrunched into a bunch & pulling away from the rest of my leg. I blame all the stairs. And heavy boxes. And far too many hours of moving day.

I have Way Too Much Shit(TM)Someone please remind me of that when the time comes, kay?Otherwise, I may give in to the tendency to think 'economically' again. We did recruit some enterprising neighborhood youth to help unload the truck here. Best damn $30 I've spent in a long time.

On the plus side: HERE I AM! Sanctuary at last!!! I do have to make a run back to Brooklyn to cleanup, but that's SO not happening today. Which means it'll be a rush job tomorrow, as I gotta be back here for a 5:40 plane to San Jose. Yeesh.

Meanwhile, I'm catching up on email, contemplating what to pack, spending extra snuggly time with The Beast, and thinking I should go to the post office today & file a change-of-address.

While catching up on my email, I was directed to Anna's Blog(which is fabulous) by steanne. More specifically, to this essay...which does a wonderful job of articulating much of what has burbled about in my mind about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but has never quite come to the surface enough to speak.

OwOwOwOw...I wonder if I can get a spinal block for just a day or two?
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