a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Celebrity Crushes

My friend kendrayk once asked me what celebrities I found attractive.

I had to think about it a LOOOOOONG time. It finally came to me that, in general, I don't get crushes or attractions on celebrities per se...but rather, sometimes on the characters that I see them portray. I have character crushes.

The other peculiarity I noticed while mulling all this about is that I also get what can only be called relationship crushes (but again, only with characters). Sometimes the two syndromes combine.

It probably all started with Battlestar Galactica...with Serina & Apollo (this may well be where my taste for angst started to develop, as well. um. unless you count the fact that I've been a Shakespeare nut since I could read). What a beautiful, tragic couple! I was in love with both of them, I was sure of it...and I was devastated when Serina was killed.

For a long time after that, I didn't really watch much TV. In fact, I'd say I didn't get that into a TV show again until the X-files. Which of course had it's own highly angsty couple. Crushes on both of them. Crush on the two of them together. Crush, for that matter, on their 'higher purpose' of the X-files...'higher purpose' being another common factor in my crushes.

Enter Roswell. Tons of different potential couples...tons of angst...and the whole alien thing. Damn, I had a crush on the whole freaking show, forget about individuals.

We can skim through the rest with merely a few words. Tyr Anasazi, from Andromeda. Angel. Lex Luthor. Faith. Xena. Brooding dark characters, with bigger issues on their minds. And powerful women. It's a thing with me.

On the other hand, there's Brennan from Mutant X(watching that boy in a sleeveless shirt makes me wanna...mmm...go work out or something). I can only blame the brown eyes for that one...he's not especially broody.

Still, in all of the above examples, it's strictly about the character. I don't go out of my way to watch these folks in other shows...I don't have any real interest (aside from a vague sort of curiosity) in meeting them in real life.

Victoria Pratt plays an incredible, powerful woman in every show I've seen her in. She's the one celebrity that I can say that I've had a crush on in more than one atmosphere. Still don't think I'd have much interest in meeting her though. Nothing like meeting a person to ruin a nice juicy crush on them. :)

So, boys & girls out there in LJ land...what characters or celebrities do you have a crush on? And why?
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