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My Last Monday

Well, my last Monday at this job, in any case.

I'm tired, tired tired...and becoming convinced that I have an ulcer again. It's been quite a few years, so I'm not certain it's the same feeling...but it does seem to have that same aching twang to it. Feh.

So for now, it's no caffeine, no alcohol, no citrus, no dairy and lots of cayenne. Zantac I keep on hand, so that's covered. The caffeine part is a shame, really, because I'm SO sleepy, and am working a double tonight. Ah well.

And then there's the "Exit Interview Survey" they want me to fill out. I'm trying to think of gentle, professional ways to address some of the heinously unprofessional methods at work in this place. It's...challenging.

More than anything else right now, I really just want a nap.
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