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fear of flying

i hate flying, for those of you who are newcomers to my life. maybe it's cause i'm short, and i'm used to my center of gravity being low. i dunno, i'm just uneasy in the air. actually, and i'm sure this has been pointed out before, it's not so much a fear of flying as a fear of falling. it's particularly the going up and the coming down parts that unnerve me (well, that, and the fact that the whole experience makes my ears hurt). i'm pretty much fine when flying along levelly.

in any case, i had four flights to deal with during this past weekend's mini-vacation. ::shudder::

the final one, last night, was the strangest & most tolerable. the flight from austin to st. louis was uneventful (and fast! we were 20 minutes early), with a nice smooth landing. boarding for the laguardia flight was announced, then halted, then announced again a few minutes later. we all boarded and sat. and sat, and sat & sat. eventually the pilot came on the com & announced that our brake assembly had been replaced, and we were waiting for the paperwork to be finished before we could leave.

we waited some more. 20 minutes or so later, one of the attendants came on the com to say we were just waiting for the paperwork to be finished. 'still???', i thought, then shrugged. i'd already had at least one drink (as i tend to do on flights, to keep myself semi-tranquilized) and the music on the headset was great...i was bippity bopping around my seat (in a row i had to myself) to the b-52s and having a grand time. i alternated that with watching bits of the cheesy movie that was showing, and reading about the mongols (which book i incidentally left on the plane, i think).

there were many american airlines crew members on the flight (heading back home to new york as passengers, from what i understand), and half of them were loopy with either exhaustion or booze...which gave the impression (false, i think) that the crew for the actual flight were all high or something. oddly enough, instead of making me more nervous, i was quite relaxed.

at the end of it all, we touched gently down & came to an easy stop at the gate. i guess the newly installed brake assembly worked. :)
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