a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Utterly. Exhausted.

Here I am, at work again. Man, will I ever be glad when this is a thing of the past...

I got about 7 hours of good, solid sleep today (and had delicious, fannish dreams about Angel...what a geek I am)...but I'm thinking it wasn't enough...as I'm nearly comatose still...4 hours and considerable caffeination into my workday (night). Fortunately, I have zero plans for tomorrow & Tuesday, so I can rest & do some leisurely packing and not much else for the next little bit.

I ordered some moving boxes from Staples on Thursday (and please note that the website stated 3-5 business days for delivery)...and got email that it'll take 20 DAYS for delivery!! What the hell kind of insanity is that? I can get stuff delivered from across the world in less time than that...and 20 days from now I'll already have moved (will be in San Jose, fer crying out loud) and will no longer need said boxes. Gah. Somedays I want to roll up my personal carpet and be a hermit (even more than other days).

I recently signed up for an email discussion list which I'm very excited about. However, I had forgotten what those things can do to one's inbox. 35 new messages when I came in tonight! All fascinating, too...things I want to respond to...damn!

I think I may actually have developed a case of bronchitis over the past few weeks...which means I have yet another thing (visit the doc) to plan into my already-insane schedule for the next few weeks. A new doc, at that, as my regular one stopped taking my insurance recently. I had been hoping I wouldn't need to bother changing, since I soon a)won't be insured and b)won't be in New York. However, I know from past experience (I am prone to bronchitis) that once it becomes certain I have it, antibiotics are definitely required to get over it. So, off to the doc I go, some time this week. I also need a haircut...perhaps I can schedule them for the same day...I'm also debating whether or not to color my hair before WorldCon (presuming I can even find the time).

As I come to the end of my (current) time in NYC (I am certain, you see, that I'll be back), I'm becoming a bit melancholy about the whole thing. I like it here...I'll miss it. Also, I very much associate my years-long crush with NYC, even though ze has not lived here for some time...so I'm melancholy about that as well (not that I think the crush is over...oh, no! It's been lurking in the edges of my brain for too long now for me to believe that...it's just an association thing).

This is most likely the last time I'll work the weekend overnight shift here (although I have spoken to my supervisor about the possibility of doing some part-time work here, so who knows), and I'm quite relieved. While it can make a nice change of pace from a regular shift/schedule, it's mighty hard on me...and I'm feeling it especially this go 'round. After tonight, though, only 40 more hours here!!! Wheeee!

Must go respond to mailing list stuff now, and then do some work...
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