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If I've not mentioned Samurai Jack in my journal until now, I've been seriously remiss. I've been fascinated with it for nearly a year (today is in fact the 1-year anniversary of Jack's appearance on the Cartoon Network). It's been well-received, and deservedly so. I watch whenever opportunity arises (for someone without cable, this is rarish), I have the movie DVD, and I eagerly await each episode I see.

This animated show is one that I simply cannot recommend highly enough. Visually, it's stunningly beautiful. Stark. Surreal. The animation is precise and artful. The soundtracks...oh, the soundtracks! Unreal. The storylines range from touching, to hilarious, to philosophical.

The show was created by Genndy Tartakovsky (who you may recognize as the driving force behind Dexter's Laboratory and PowerPuffGirls), but it's not like the others. Jack's story is one of heroism, isolation and determination, and it flows out across a breathtaking vista of strange places and creatures.

The premis: Jack was born to a royal family. His wise father taught him the ways of the samurai, until the evil Aku overcame their land. At that time, Jack was sent away to learn from various masters in many disciplines throughout the world, in preparation for battling Aku. He learned well, and grew strong, and eventually came face to face with Aku. After a long battle, Aku, desperate, knowing Jack would vanquish him soon, created a portal in time through which he hurled Jack...hundreds of years into the future.

A future in which Aku, without Jack to oppose him, has overtaken the entire world. Aku is too strong in this future for Jack to ever completely defeat him, so Jack's mission is to find a way back into the past and defeat Aku in his own time. Each of Jack's adventures are a part of that goal, although in many of them, he becomes the champion of peoples who have been crushed and degraded by Aku's reign. Through it all, Jack remains stoic and determined.

Count me a fan.
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