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Life Update

Last night I did some Tivo clearing: watched one episode each of Andromeda, Stargate SG-1 and Smallville.

If you've missed my ravings on it before, I'll say it again: Smallville is a damned good show. The episode I saw last night was called Shimmer, and it positively revels in how good and innocent Clark Kent is at the core, and how Lex admires it in him...while knowing that it's something he (Lex) can never be.

The Stargate episode, 2010, is a fascinating look at what could be the end of the battle...the Goa'uld defeated, peace reigning, the Stargates used like airports for the general populace. In it, we get a glimpse of Jack O'Neil turned bitter...presumably because Samantha Carter gets married in this version of the future (and not to O'Neil...which gives a rare glimpse of how the two characters feel for each other). I liked it a lot, 'cause I'm a sucker for those under-the-surface, barely acknowledged relationship things, and for the kind of angst that it takes to get the world back on-track, and the human race back to a position of survival.

As for Andromeda, can you just say guest star James Marsters?? There's one scene where he & Keith Hamilton Cobb (Tyr on the show), both Nietzcheans, are fighting together. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my chin. Although as to the show itself...I think I'd like to eventually write my own version of Andromeda, Season 2. Season 1 was much better.


On another TV note, I recently (while I was housesitting for jincman), saw an episode of Xena that had Victoria Pratt in it (credited as Vicky Pratt, which gave me a giggle). Mind you, I've had a crush on Victoria Pratt for quite some time now, beginning with Cleopatra 2525. She's the reason I started watching Mutant X (though there are other reasons I continue).

In any case, the episode began with Victoria Pratt, Queen of the Amazons, mostly naked & being ritually flogged in a sauna hut.

I had to stop the showing (jincman has Replay TV), and take a few deep breaths before continuing.

It went on to show Xena crashing down from the roof of the hut in which this was taking place...and Cyane (Victoria) snatching Xena's clothes off, piece by piece, and putting them on herself (leaving Xena the one mostly naked). ::shiver::


Anyway, just had to note that, for some reason.


This morning (after some lovely sleeping-in) I got caught up in some computer geek stuff. Downloaded Moveable Type and started reading about it, in preparation for moving my journal to it's own domain (or at least linking it, but in a neat format). Read up on the Hosting Matters support (which is where said domain is hosted), and decided I needed to learn all about Perl & CGI scripting. Found some nice online tutorial stuff that I bookmarked for later perusal (and hopefully learning). Blogging certainly gives you a nice computer skillset, if you're a do it yourself-er.

Then a nap, and shower, and I packed another box (I've been packing bits & pieces after work, throughout the week), and here I am at work for the weekend overnights shift for the last time. I have (in theory) all next week off, so I should get the bulk of the packing and taking stuff apart done then...although I did tell my boss that if she needs me to come in, to call...can use every spare bit of change right now.

My dad left me voicemail telling me to stop paying him for my laptop (that he let me put on his credit card in February). He doesn't want me to be any more financially strapped than I'm already going to be. That means that he's paying for roughly 2/3 the cost of my computer. That rocks. I sometimes have mixed emotions about my dad...but every now & then he does something like that, that I perceive as being a dad-like thing to do...it's a strange feeling, but definitely nice. Dad & I have an odd relationship, and I'm never quite sure what to think of it.

My darling gregortroll is off to Pennsic for the week. When he gets back, he will (hopefully) be able to finish up the room repair & painting (the colors I ended up picking are gorgeous, btw) in Philly, and the weekend of the 23-25 is move weekend. I hope it's not too hot. Four days of settling in, then it's off to ConJose(which I finally registered for...yes, this means I never got around to voting on Hugos. Damn.) for Labor Day weekend.

Then, a time to rest.
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